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Update day: July 19, 2017

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Yokosuka City call center

Including procedure and event information of city hall please feel free to contact.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us in English.


We receive for 8:00 p.m., fax 046-822-2539 year round 24 hours from telephone 0468222500 year round 8:00 a.m.

※You run, and please be careful not to make any mistake.
※Inquiry centers, and call may be hard to be connected.

For accurate grasp of inquiry contents and service improvement of user, we record call. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Administration of "Yokosuka City call center" consigns to NTT Town Pages (Minato-ku, Tokyo).


Introduction of call center

Operator looks into relatively simple inquiry including information of various procedures and reports, events and facilities of Yokosuka City and guides.
Including "... not to understand the post in charge of city hall" time please feel free to contact.
As we run in year round, it is available for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays.
Inquiry with FAX is available, too. (you accept for 24 hours, but please note that answer is 20:00 from 8:00)

Such time

  • We do not know what department of city hall we should ask
  • Though it is time when window of city hall closes, we want to hear
  • Because the Internet is not seen, we want you to tell on the telephone
  • It is rainy, is event held today?
  • We want you to tell hospital nearby
    ※Tell operator about specialities and area you like.
    ※We cannot accept guidance from symptom and medical consultation.
    ※On consultation, please inquire whether you can give medical care beforehand by all means to Medical facility.

Such a thing

  • We want you to tell about Garbage separation method and collection day
  • Is there place to be able to take Resident Record and certification of a seal impression in holiday and the night?
  • Though moving was decided, procedure that is necessary in city hall?
  • We want you to tell place of library
  • Though we want to go for event, when is holding? Where is place?
  • Shop which "Navy Curry" can eat?

Inquiry that we cannot show around

We look into post in charge of city hall and, about thing about following personal information and specialized inquiry, put through or guide reference.

  • We want you to tell about calculation method of tax and premium
  • Reminder arrived, but wants to talk about payment
  • We want to talk about trouble with neighborhood inhabitants
  • Something is wrong with body, but wants to talk about what course we should receive

Related information


Other inquiry counters

Sightseeing in Yokosuka information ska navigator i tourist attraction and information for event information telephone 0468228301

Withdrawal of Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau customer rate Service Center Channel, the sewer, start procedure telephone 0468233232

Application for door-to-door collection of resources circulation sunrise office oversized garbage telephone 0468230868

Collection day of Yokosuka City resource recovery cooperative Group Resource Collection and conduct telephone 0468213811 at the time of rainy weather

Collection, carry-on telephone 0468364195 of dead small animals such as small animal cremation facility dog or cat

Application for Health Center medical examination center citizen examination telephone 0468224351

Medical facility information retrieval site

Kanagawa medical care information retrieval service

General Yokosuka Medical Association

Inquiry counters such as medical consultation

Of information for Medical facility in the medical safe consultation (medical safe support center) city and case that "should receive any course, or it is not revealed" give advice. It is 17:00 from 12:00, 13:00 from 8:30 on telephone 0468224396 weekdays

It is 8:00 on January 4 from 16:00 on December 29 on Saturday year-end and New Year on Yokosuka City First Aid Medical Treatment Center telephone 0468243001 weekdays from 20:00 24:00 from 17:00 at 24:00 on Sundays and holidays from 8:00 at 24:00

It is 22:00 from End and beginning of the year (from 29, Dec. to 3, Jan.) 10:00 at 16:00 from 10:00 on Holiday Emergency Dental Clinic (Yokosuka Dental Association) telephone 0468230062 Sundays and holidays

It is necessary to suffer from Medical facility immediately Kanagawa emergency pediatric service dial by night how should deal about physical condition of child at home; give advice. It is 24:00 from telephone 0457228000 year round 18:00

When drank Kanagawa Medical Association poisoning information counselor's office cigarette and home chemical including detergent by mistake, and have eaten; give advice. We cope for telephone 0452624199 year round 24 hours


We look forward to your use.

"Yokosuka City call center"
Telephone: 046-822-2500
FAX: 046-822-2539
Year round from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
※Please be careful to run wrong


Policy promotion department Public Affairs Division

The fourth floor of 11, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi main building Building No. 1 <mail: It arrives in "〒 238-8550 Public Affairs Division">

Phone number 046-822-8111
Fax: 046-822-4711

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