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Update day: January 18, 2017

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Inquiry, opinion/suggestion

About inquiry, opinion by inquiry form to city hall and E-mail

  1. As we cannot cope with urgent communication by inquiry form and email, I would like notification over telephone on emergency.
  2. Please refrain from attaching file to prevent viral infection when we do inquiry by email.
  3. When we do inquiry by email, please understand as e-mail addresses of sender are collected automatically.
    Privacy policy
  4. Please note that there is some possibility of exhibiting your opinion/suggestion on the page of "voice bank".
    About voice bank
  5. We accept and, for inquiry by inquiry form, automatically send confirmation email to e-mail address that had you input. We accept, and confirmation email is not sent to inquiry by email.
  • Set domain designated reception / refusal may not receive answer by "reception desk confirmation email" and email by unwanted e-mail measures. Therefore, please set to receive email from the following domains.
    Domain of reception desk confirmation email: @cms8341.jp
    Domain of the city hall mail address: @city.yokosuka.kanagawa.jp
    If you cannot understand the way to receive our e-mail, please go to the maker or the shop of PC/cellphone.

Search on homepage

You can search information such as procedures using "search window"

City hall call center

We will answer your questions about systems, procedures, events, facilities.
Don´t hesitate to ask in case you don´t know which section of the city hall you should go.

Yokosuka City call center

Year round, use time: From 8:00 to 20:00 phone number: 046-822-2500/ fax: 046-822-2539

 Please send opinion, suggestion to municipal administration.

Opinion, suggestion that had you approach should be reference of future municipal administration administration.

Person needing answer, please list so and address, full name by all means.

As a general rule, about thing with mention of address, full name, we reply by mayor name by mail. We do answer from city within about three weeks.
But we may not make a reply including time not to be concerned with abstract opinion and municipal administration directly.
In addition, about matters within the duties, we usually send to charge department section and may become correspondence of the section.

E-Mail: goiken@city.yokosuka.kanagawa.jp

Opinion, suggestion accepts even "proposal to Yokosuka municipal administration" included in facility of city and main financial institution (exclusive letter paper, envelope, stamp unnecessary).
In addition, we can put contribution in "the proposal to municipal administration" installed in the main government building information desk and Administration Center of city hall, window of Public Service Center.

Charge: Citizen's Department Civic Life Division phone number: 046-822-8114/ fax: 046-821-1522

Opinion and answer that were sent so far

We introduce opinion and answer that citizen's all of you gave to to Yokosuka City in Citizen's voice "voice bank".
In addition, as a general rule, about anonymity item, we do not publish.
About voice bank

Inquiry about business content of city hall

  • We would like inquiry about contents and duties of each page directly in person in charge of "inquiry" in the lower each page column position.
  • Reference of each section can confirm in organization page of city. We can confirm business content, phone number, fax number, address when we have you click section name. In addition, inquiry form is available, too.
  • When answer does not arrive, please connect with position made inquiry again.

Inquiry about how to use of homepage

About usage of homepage, please refer to Public Affairs Division.

Policy promotion department Public Affairs Division homepage charge
Phone number 046-822-9675/ fax: 046-822-4711

Please let know your opinion to have better website

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