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Update day: June 23, 2017

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About Web accessibility

Approach of Yokosuka City

In 2016, we devise Web accessibility policy, and "JIS X 8341-3 aims at conformity to conformity level AA shown in 2016" (the following, JIS and mention), and Japanese Industrial Standards about Web accessibility wrestles.

In 2016, we carried out examination based on JIS and confirmed that we were based on conformity level A of JIS partly.

Web accessibility policy

On Yokosuka City homepage, anyone aims at thing that is available without trouble by information and function provided on homepage, "JIS X 8341-3 aim for thing corresponding to Web contents, and, as for 2016 elderly people, people with a disability, apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and service - Part 3" wrestle for security and improvement of accessibility.

Target range

The Yokosuka City homepage (http://www.city.yokosuka.kanagawa.jp/) whole

But CMS (content management system) page out of the management is inapplicable.

  • Collection of Yokosuka City established regulation database (less than http://www.city.yokosuka.kanagawa.jp/reiki/)
  • Public information Yokosuka Web book version (less than http://www.city.yokosuka.kanagawa.jp/web-book/koho/)

In addition, we do not intend about page varying in the following subdomains either.


Exception matter

In target ranges, we are inapplicable about the following contents.

  • Contents that use outside services such as video or map information
  • Contents that are released other than PDF, Word, the HTML including Excel
  • Banner ad

About these contents, we specify reference on each page publishing contents in and provide substitute means such as explanation with telephone.

Conformity level to aim for and correspondence degree

We aim for JIS X 8341-3 being based on 2016 conformity level AA.

Note: As for the notation called "conformity" in this policy, "JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents depends on notation established with version in 2016 correspondence degree notation guidelines - March, 2016" information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee. URL:http://waic.jp/docs/jis2016/compliance-guidelines/201603/ (outside site)

Time limit to achieve aim

March 31, 2018

Charge department name

Yokosuka City policy promotion department Public Affairs Division

Telephone: 046-822-9675

About test result


Policy promotion department Public Affairs Division

The fourth floor of 11, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi main building Building No. 1 <mail: It arrives in "〒 238-8550 Public Affairs Division">

Phone number 046-822-9675

Fax: 046-822-4711

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