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Yokosuka Movie Channel

Yokosuka Movie Channel

 With Yokosuka Movie Channel

Youtube image imageWe utilize video sharing site YouTube and introduce event, sightseeing, the history of Yokosuka City, video of various genres including sports.

Look for from genre; you can see video from the following.

 Information for live broadcast site Ustream

In video sharing site, we broadcast events of Yokosuka City live.

 Past live broadcast program

There is no program which we can watch now.

After November 1, 2014, retention period of program picture which we broadcasted live in Ustream is changed for 30 days, and thing that 30 days passed will be deleted automatically.

New video

 The best 3 video (the past three months)

 We look for from genre



 We look for from corner

Public information TV show

J: "Navigator is introduced public information program of city broadcasted in COM relievedly YOKOSUKA"!

AR video

We introduce AR video of publication to public information Yokosuka!



Policy promotion department Public Affairs Division

The fourth floor of 11, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi main building Building No. 1 <mail: It arrives in "〒 238-8550 Public Affairs Division">

Phone number 046-822-9814

Fax: 046-822-4711

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