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Update day: February 28, 2017

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To person using Yokosuka City homepage for the first time

You have you understand the next matter, and please use Yokosuka City homepage (following "our site").

1.Basic way of thinking about immunity from responsibility, copyright

We (cf. note) cannot take responsibility about unexpected matter which we occurred by homepage (following "link") of third party whom all of you link to from our site and our site having been used or our site and linked information having been used.

Note: With us, we show thing belonging to organization of the mayor, water and sewage business manager, the Board of Education, board of elections, fair committee, checkup committee, agriculture committee, fixed assets evaluation screening committee and Council.

2.Accuracy of information

We keep in mind to place correct information in our site, but may be different from the real situation for unexpected situation.

3.Stop, contents change of site

Our site stops without notice, and, for maintenance check of apparatus to run disaster and our site and communication facilities, contents may be changed.

4.Internet recommendation environment of user

Yokosuka City homepage recommends that you see in the following environment.


  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome


  • Safari
  • We can read without horizontal scrolling being displayed by indication more than width 1024px.

5.Link policy

When we link as principle, link are free in our site, notification to us is not necessary. But please follow contents of the note when there are notes such as limits of link in each information in our site.

6.Change of address

Our site may change address without notice.


Copyright of information such as letter, photograph, illustration and design published in our site belongs to us or original rightful claimant. Except act accepted in Copyright Act such as private use or quotation, we cannot perform reproduction without permission.
When you quote, by appropriate method, please exhibit the source by all means.
In addition, about all or part of contents of our site, we cannot modify without permission.