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Update day: October 1, 2017

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Information for Public facilities reservation system


2.Entrance of Public facilities reservation system

"User registration" or "guest registration" is necessary for reservation application from system.

Even if inquiry of facility space information does not have registration, you can use.

Entrance for PC

We advance to Public facilities reservation system (PC version)https://www.pf489.com/yokosuka/web/ (outside site)

Entrance for smartphone

QRCODE(SMARTPHONE)Public facilities reservation system (smartphone version) QR code

https://www.pf489.com/yokosuka/smartphone/ (outside site)

Entrance for cell-phone

QRCODE(MOBILEPHONE)Public facilities reservation system (cell-phone version) QR code

https://www.pf489.com/yokosuka/mobile/ (outside site)

3.Available facility

Lottery application and the first facility which can be reserved

The first facility which can be reserved

4.Flow until each facility use

  1.  User registration ... (the details of user registration)
    User registration is necessary in the use.
    I hand "user registration card" to person (group) who had you register.
  2. Space inquiry (user registration unnecessary)
    Using Internet services such as PC or smartphone, we appoint facility and the date and time when we want to check and can inquire about the space situation of each facility.
  3. Lottery application and the first reservation ... (the details of lottery application and the first reservation)
    For the vacant date and time, we can apply for lottery application, the first reservation.
    ※As for the lottery application, 15th is application period basically from 1st of month two months ago.
    ※The upper limit of one-month lottery application and the first reservation, deadline for application vary according to facilities.
    ※It becomes only the first reservation without drawing lots, and applying about Industrial Community Plaza and Berg Yokosuka.
  4. The use of facility
    On the date and time when you made a reservation, please use each facility.
    Please show "user registration card" on the use of facility.
    ※By facility, presentation of "licensing application", payment of charge are necessary by the day of the use.
  •  Guest registration ... (the details of guest registration)
    It is system of simple user registration that can reserve exercise park. They are resident in Yokosuka City, and working, attendance at school corresponding to none can register. ※We cannot participate in lottery application.
  • Cancellation ... (the details of cancellation of reservation) of reservation
    Physical education hall, Sogo Fukushi Kaikan Hall, Industrial Community Plaza and Berg Yokosuka cannot perform cancellation (cancellation) of reservation from the Internet.
    Other facility has limits such as deadlines for cancellation.
  • Rule ... (the details of rule of reservation) of reservation
    About reservation, there is the upper limit of the number of times that one (group same in the case of group registration) can make reservation, the use into a month.

5.Operation method of reservation system

We show around PC, smartphone, operation method of each cell-phone in the following pages.

6.Various downloading

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