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Update day: December 7, 2018

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Yokosuka support hometown tax

Please be careful about fraud sites of hometown tax!

Existence of fraud site that camouflaged receptionist of hometown tax is confirmed.

When you feel that it is doubtful, you have you confirm before you are applied, and please be careful for vicious fraud enough.

We would like hometown tax to Yokosuka from the following site.

It looks like fall (JTB); (outside site)

Oldness and choice (TRUST Co., Ltd. bank) (outside site)

We renewed souvenir of Yokosuka support hometown tax!

We renewed a part of the souvenir of Yokosuka support hometown tax from Monday, October 1, 2018.

We added to conventional souvenirs such as Malin leisure utilized the sea of Yokosuka called one hour, rich meal of experience-based ticket and Yokosuka of marine sports from the downtown area and added "sightseeing taxis" around sightseeing spot of Yokosuka.

Please confirm the details in "presentation of souvenir" page.

I would like warm support to Yokosuka sequentially in future.

Yokosuka support hometown tax won "oldness and perfect gem of the Year 2016" section prize!

Private enterprise which supported the making of local charm chose each local approach in each viewpoint, and, in "IT X district construction section of "oldness and perfect gem of the Year" to commend," approach of Yokosuka support hometown tax won gold medal.

Approach that realized assortment of goods of attractive souvenir of local company was evaluated by utilizing structure of "hospitality gift" which Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry enforced by Yahoo! Shopping for souvenir expansion of hometown tax of Yokosuka.

You can see receiving a prize contents in "oldness and perfect gem of the Year" (outside site).

We introduce point system!

We give point according to amount of money that had you contribute from Monday, October 3, 2016 and, using the point, introduce method to have you choose souvenir among catalogue and homepage!
After having had contribution in comparison with conventional method, souvenir is available slowly, and dividing point again, and using and choice to use in a mass are possible.
In addition, we can accumulate point whenever we have contribution.

We look forward to support to Yokosuka City!

We accept "Yokosuka support hometown tax" to realize your thought to "want to support Yokosuka City" in Yokosuka City.
We will wrestle for revival of ex-Yokosuka who overflowed in dynamism that donation that we had conjugates for various approaches, and citizen can describe dream in for the future.
We look forward to support from all of you of the whole country.

Features of Yokosuka support hometown tax

  • You can choose use of donation from 14 use corresponding to various needs (overall activity of 13 funds and cities)
  • After the next fiscal year when we had contribution, we report the inflection situation of donation

Application for contribution (Yokosuka support hometown tax)

Person having you propose "hometown tax" look at this.

The presentation of souvenir

About contents of souvenir which gives person who had you hold "hometown tax", and does, please see this.

Use of donation

About use of donation by "hometown tax", please see this.

Subtraction of tax by hometown tax

We can receive subtraction of tax when we hold "hometown tax". For more details, please see page of "donation tax credit".

About hometown tax

About explanation of "hometown tax" system, please see this.

Hometown tax ska phosphorus




Financial department financial section

The fifth floor of 11, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi main building Building No. 1 <mail: It arrives in "〒 238-8550 Finance Division">

Phone number 046-822-8276, 8163

Fax: 046-822-7795

Tax Department Municipal Tax Division

The second floor of 11, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi main building Building No. 1 <mail: It arrives in "〒 238-8550 Municipal Tax Division">

Phone number 046-822-8192

Fax: 046-822-7385

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