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Update day: October 6, 2017

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Menace and the preparation such as armed attack

About actions that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

  • Action (as for the details this) that you should take right after urgent information played
    [when in the outdoors]
    • Please evacuate to in building (if you can do it firm buildings such as concrete building) nearby or basement (facilities such as underground shopping center or station building under the ground under the ground).
    • You hide yourself in shade near when there is not suitable building, or the ground can lie down, and please protect the head.

    [when in indoor]

    • You are separated from window as much as possible, and please move to cave if possible.

    [explanation with video]

    • Action example at the time of ballistic missile fall
      We make video of lower screen in Kanagawa and explain action example at the time of missile fall.

      ※Siren of J alert flows in video. Please be careful about volume

      (than Kanagawa formula streaming site kana Chan TV)


 About communication when ballistic missile was fired

When ballistic missile is fired, it is notified the metropolis and districts and the municipalities promptly through Em-Net (M net) from world, and J alert (national second warning system) operates at the same time, and the system is such that information is transmitted to inhabitants by Emergency broadcast system or TV radiobroadcast.


Transmission by J alert (national second warning system)

For inhabitants, J alert (national second warning system) operates, and information is transmitted quickly.

When country is structure sounding Emergency broadcast system of Yokosuka via man-made satellite automatically, and J alert receives emergency information from country in Yokosuka to broadcast North Korean missile launch information and urgent information such as Large-scale tidal wave warning, we start Emergency broadcast system installing in approximately 400 places of cities automatically and set so that emergency information is broadcasted instantly.

Figure of J-ALERT summary

(example) broadcast when missile was fired for the city
J alert works, and it is broadcasted after siren sound by Emergency broadcast system saying "you evacuate to missile launch information, indoor, and please turn on TV radio". Please take the following actions if you hear this broadcast.
1.We enter building
(indoor evacuation)
2.We collect information on TV radio if we enter building.
At this stage, it is thoughtless, and it is dangerous to appear to the outdoors, and, also, it is such instructions whether chemical substance or bacteria are included in warhead because it is unknown to have possibilities to have injury by pieces.


When missile is fired

About delivery service of nation protection information by smartphone application

When missile is fired by North Korea, you might drop "extremely for a short time" in the country, and you are publicized through "J alert" and TV, email on this occasion, but please utilize as delivery service of nation protection information by smartphone application is performed.

When you received urgent information, when there is not building near "refuge, "you hide yourself in shade or turn down in the ground and protect head", and please take refuge action of three that "leave window, or accepted the situation called movement in cave" when we are indoors firm building, underground" when you are in the outdoors.

In addition, when you discover suspicious thing, you never approach, and please connect with the police or firefighting promptly.

Inflection (the Fire and Disaster Management Agency) of delivery service of nation protection information by smartphone application (PDF: 202KB)

Inflection (2) of delivery service of nation protection information by smartphone application (the Fire and Disaster Management Agency) (PDF: 252KB)


 The preparation to armed attack, megaterrorism disaster

Is large; wear, and is said that became unlikely to be landing invasion, but ballistic missile and large-scale terrorism threat last, and exist.
From this, we establish nation protection law to protect the nation from armed attack and megaterrorism in the government and maintain perfect preparations as the whole country.

In addition, we make Yokosuka City nation protection plan in Yokosuka in March, 2007 and plan cooperation with related organizations.

If warning is announced


  • Let's close all door and the windows.
  • Let's turn off gas, water supply, ventilation fan, air-conditioner
  • We move to central part of room, and let's be separated from door, wall, windowpane.

The outdoors

  • Let's evacuate to indoor of building or underground shopping center of neighborhood.
  • When we are driving cars, we leave car in safe place, and let's evacuate to indoor of building or underground shopping center of neighborhood. In addition, prevent it from urgently becoming interference of traffic of traffic vehicle when we put car on road and evacuate.

Calmly intelligence

  • Commencing with warning, we listen to various information to be informed through TV, radio, and let's try for intelligence.

If explosion happens around the body

  • We lower posture, and let's follow personal security.
  • When thing drops in the neighborhood, let's hide ourselves under the firm tables until fall stops.
  • We cover mouth and nose with handkerchieves, and let's leave buildings where explosion happened as promptly as possible afterwards.
  • According to instructions of the police and firefighting, let's act calmly.

If we encounter creature, chemical agent, damage of nuclear material attack

  • We avoid the lee promptly, and let's leave the place far while covering mouth and nose with handkerchief.
  • When we come back indoors from the outdoors, clothing may be polluted with chemical substances. We cut clothing with scissors so that chemical substances do not touch body, and let's seal up the clothing to plastic bag.
  • Let's wash hand, face, body with water and soap well afterwards.
  • We close window indoors and turn off air-conditioner and ventilation fan and seal up the room by sealing up, and let's move to central room which there is not of window as much as possible.

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