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Update day: February 27, 2017

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History of person of the Uraga modernization

Photograph of the Uraga-cho each generation mayor

Uraga-cho minutes

Diary of Mayor second generation Ishiwata

Horn (we present from grandchild of Perry) of water buffalo



[period: for from October 19, 1997 to November 3]


By setting of prosperity and Uraga Magistrate's Office of dried sardine wholesale dealer, Uraga was the center of Miura Peninsula until the late Tokugawa period. Even if we reached the Meiji Restoration and changed from Uraga-mura to Uraga-cho, we kept-centered position of Miura Peninsula until it was merged with Yokosuka City by achievement of many people led by the successive mayors in 1943.

We hung this temporary exhibition for Meiji, the Taisho era, the Showa period from the late Tokugawa period and exposed spot to town official with the mayor who was driving force of Uragacho prosperity and person that it was and introduced achievement and achievement, historic fact through document or photograph at the time.


[the change of Uraga]

Uraga-mura → Higashiuraga-mura, Nishiuraga-mura → Uraga-mura (March 30, 1870) → Uraga-cho (May 1, 1876) → Yokosuka City (April 1, 1943)


[Uraga-cho each generation mayor full name and term]

The first third Rokube (from June 13, 1889 to October 4, 1891)

2s Shinzaburo Ishiwata (from October 20, 1891 to June 20, 1894)

3s Kiyoshi Miyai Court Security Office (from July 5, 1894 to July 4, 1898)

4s Atau Miyai gate-guard office (from July 13, 1898 to August 2, 1899)

5s Masaru Takahashi seven (from August 8, 1899 to August 7, 1903)

6 daitademmatashi* (from September 8, 1903 to July 17, 1905)

7s Heizo Kawashima (from July 28, 1905 to November 13, 1923)

8s Hideyoshi Ishiwata (from November 22, 1923 to November 21, 1931)

9s Kato small soldier of the Imperial Guard (from December 19, 1931 to March 31, 1943)


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