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Update day: November 29, 2017

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Throughout the life active project

"Throughout the life active project" is approach to aim at realization of "throughout the life active society" where anyone can play an active part in health forever.

It was expected nationwide that progress of tendency to aging would continue in future, but even if it was such situation, we were alone and, not only Yokosuka, began this project from thought to want citizen's most to play an active part.

Add and having at first everybody interest in your health care to realize active society throughout the life, and it is necessary to fix environment that can continue actions such as maintenance increase, improvement of health in familiar place at the beginning. In addition, it has you interest in sports or lifelong learning, volunteer activity throughout the life, and it is important to enlarge yonisuso field which "can spend life with purpose regularly".

By "throughout the life active project," we work on health promotion mainly on radio exercises and walking that everybody is begun easily, the care prevention.

Scenery of radio exercises

While city hall-affiliated bureau cooperates with prefectural health welfare universities in Yokosuka City, we push forward various approaches to widen range of activity. As you tell about various classrooms, event information with this homepage and public information papers at any time, please participate by all means.





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