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Update day: September 1, 2018

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After-school child day care

With after-school child day care

After-school child day care is place that primary schoolchild can spend in peace in after school. In family who is doing child care while working including parents working together home and single-parent home, we are apt to come to spend only in children on holiday for after school and long term of school.

After-school child day care is made by wish, "protector can work in peace and children are safe and can live a substantial life".

After-school child day care of Yokosuka City

Parents' association or corporation become company, and all after-school child day care in the city employs instructor and run.
We assisted budgets for after-school child day care which met constant requirements in city, and 62 groups, approximately 1,800 primary schoolchildren used after-school child day care which received subsidy in 2017.

As for the life of primary schoolchild, most are plays. Voluntary child group is made while child of different school year lives together, and, in after-school child day care, social nature, independent spirit, consideration is brought up. Every after-school child day care, the making of meal and work, event carry out various activities.

Conduct place of after-school child day care is classroom, apartment, private house, vacant store of elementary school. We are going to increase after-school child day care using classroom of municipal elementary school in future.

Instructor watches

Child comes across various things every day. It is sometimes difficult to take ill-conditioned time and friend relations and event at school alone. When there is adult catching oneself in such a case near, we can feel relieved. In after-school child day care, instructor watches such children and helps.

Recruitment of instructors

After-school child day care recruits instructors working together among a lot of smiles of children.

You have you confirm the following, and please refer to each after-school child day care for the details directly.

Application, inquiry of after-school child day care

The available date and time or use charges vary according to clubs. Please inform each club of application and inquiry directly.

Establishment of new after-school child day care

As for the after-school child day care that establishment is examined, please consult with person in charge of child upbringing about Education and Child Care Support Division after school newly.

It is measures business after school

Used room classroom other than after-school child day care in city; "noisily school" for primary schoolchildren of "school bag places" after school carry out measures business after school.


Inquiry of overall after-school child day care,


  • Education and Child Care Support Division 046(822) 8061
  • To Yokosuka City schoolchild childcare communication meeting secretariat FAX046(847) 0292.


 List of after-school child day care of Yokosuka City

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