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Update day: March 12, 2018

It is the text from here.

Job hunting, job offer publication is "gokinjobuyokosuka"!

Job offer in Yokosuka City is found immediately!

Position offer information of part-time job part, regular staff of neighborhood is found on map immediately!


We appoint gokinjobuno characteristic, how to use 1 2 Station and address where job offer of the neighborhood of present location is displayed just to access and 3 that we can change mainly on map appoints type of industry in "we look for from list of" and can look for job offer

Access is this⇩

gokinjobuyokosuka logo(outside site)


To company performing job offer in Yokosuka City

You can utilize "gokinjobuyokosuka" to company working on job offer.


We come for net by job offer publication free

Apply for company wanting job offer publication in either of 1 or 2

It is in 1 application form (outside site) or gokinjobuyokosukano site

Please access "company, store of job offer publication hope".

After filling out 2 following applications, please do FAX (046-823-0164).

gazou2(PDF: 1,259KB) 




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Economic Department Economic Planning Division

11, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi Annex Building the fifth floor <mail: It arrives in "〒 238-8550 Economic Planning Division">

Phone number 046-822-9523

Fax: 046-823-0164

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