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Update day: March 1, 2017

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Yokosuka privileged marketeer society "Yokosuka kurabu"

With Yokosuka privileged marketeer society "Yokosuka kurabu"

It is Yokosuka kurabuha, Yokosuka privileged marketeer meeting which can enroll in Yokosuka in person anyone with relation, fan club of Yokosuka. Enrollment method participates in Facebook group!

Enrollment condition

  1. Registering the true name with Facebook. (possible maiden name)
  2. Correspond to one of following (1) - (3).
    (1) Registering that it is school in Yokosuka City with educational background, and being released.
    (2) Registering companies in Yokosuka City with the office, work experience, and being released.
    (3) Registering the Yokosuka city with place of residence, hometown, ground that has lived, and releasing, and registration releasing educational background or work experience. In this case there does not need to be educational background, work experience in Yokosuka City.

Terms of Use


At fan club where object made person, resident with relationship to Yokosuka, we plan interchange of member phase each other.


Yokosuka City Economic Department sightseeing Planning Division

The secretariat

Yokosuka City Economic Department sightseeing Planning Division

Dispatch contents

Class reunion information in Yokosuka City or good old scenery

Modi operandi

  • User can release reading and comment, share, contribution in this use rule.
  • Operator does not do answers for comment and contribution basically.


It does not cost expenses such as enrollment fee, fee at all.


  • When there is comment of the following contents, we may resign from deletion or group without notice to utterer forcibly.
  • We violate laws and ordinances
  • It drives illegal information or illegal act or promotes
  • It is against public order and morals
  • We include slander slander and disrespectful expression
  • We include contents of falsehood and fact misconception
  • We let you promote simple rumor and rumor
  • It was aimed for business activity, political activity, religious activity, other profit
  • We let you promote race, thought, discrimination such as creeds or discrimination
  • We violate right of personal information and Yokosuka City and others
  • In addition, we judged that Yokosuka City was inappropriate

Intellectual property rights

We cannot do reproduction, conversion without permission unless intellectual property rights about information (sentence or image) publishing in our Facebook page belong to Yokosuka City or original work author and were recognized in Copyright Act including "reproduction for private use" and "quotation".


  • Yokosuka City does not guarantee accuracy, integrity, usefulness of all contents published in our Facebook page.
  • Yokosuka City does not take all responsibility about the damage that user or third party put on under any circumstance by user uses publication information of our page or having trusted.
  • Yokosuka City does not take all responsibility about any damage that occurred to user or third party by trouble between between users or user and third parties.
  • Other than the above, Yokosuka City does not take all responsibility about any damage that occurred in matter in conjunction with our page.
  • Yokosuka City may cancel change of use rule or operation of page without notice.



Economic Department sightseeing Planning Division

11, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi Annex Building the fifth floor <mail: It arrives in "〒 238-8550 sightseeing Planning Division">

Phone number 046-822-8124

Fax: 046-823-0164

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