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Update day: November 1, 2010

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About RSS

RSS and RSS leader

RSS is document data to easily deliver update information of homepage in a mass.
We can check update information of homepage more smoothly by using this function.

Software corresponding to RSS called RSS leader is necessary to use RSS.
Free thing is released on the Internet and can use RSS reader optionally.
In addition, browser with function of RSS leader is offered, too.

On Yokosuka City homepage, we deliver RSS1.0.
When you use RSS of Yokosuka, please employ RSS leader corresponding to this.

RSS that Yokosuka City delivers

On Yokosuka City homepage, we deliver RSS every each category.
You choose category among the following list, and please enroll in RSS leader whom you employ.
(of course we can register all.)

  1. Urgent information, important news
  2. Topics
  3. Event information
  4. Living, environment
  5. Health, Welfare, Education
  6. Sightseeing, culture, sports
  7. Industry, city planning
  8. Municipal administration information
  9. Yokosuka city council


  • About handling method of RSS leader and the use, you have you confirm explanation of each software and service, and please use in the range of personal responsibility.
  • Linked page of information delivered by RSS is deleted in public time limit by the end and may not be displayed.
  • For system maintenance, we may stop exhibition of RSS temporarily.