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Event information

March 10

Topics display "what was immersed in? -There is no earthenware vessels - prior application for mysterious form

March 17

There is no topics display "cherry tree, cherry tree, cherry tree" prior application

March 23

There is prior application in "summer Island" and "third kai*, Kaiyama green tract of land, Aicle" (the March 15, 2018 deadline)

March 24

Baby is same, too! There is pleasant concert "family concert" prior application (the March 4, 2018 deadline)

March 25

There is no Tenjinshima guided tour prior application

March 25

There is no display commentary "nature hall museum talk" prior application

March 25

There is no Oppama Community Center "gathering of the 30th Oppama folk song dancing" prior application

March 28

You can cry, and there is no special episode ... prior application in concert in Kinugasa - spring vacation

March 30

There is prior application to visiting spring wild grass, flowers Hemi - Tsukayama Park - Anjinzuka (the March 23, 2018 deadline)

From March 31 to April 8

There is part of the 20th Kitakurihama cherry tree & ground pink Festival prior application (the March 16, 2018 deadline)

March 31

There is no the eighth 2018 Taura concert by Mende, Yokosuka phosphorus ensemble [March 31 holding, first-come-first-served basis on that day] prior application

April 2

There is 3 Kamakura courses prior application over achievement of Kamakura samurai "Yoshimori Wada" (the March 26, 2018 deadline)

April 3

There are place of wife "Ryo" connection and prior application around cherry tree for excellent horse (the March 27, 2018 deadline)

April 4

There are Oppama and cherry tree of Kanazawa in prior application from "Takatori river ridge to Nojima, designation name temple" (the March 28, 2018 deadline)

April 6

It rotates, and there are cherry blossom viewing of Kurihama and navy leveling pole in prior application (the March 30, 2018 deadline)

April 7

There is no Japan-U.S. Spring Festival 2018 prior application

April 9

There is prior application to visit spring wild grass and 36 sets of radio planes in village forest for Nobi (the April 2, 2018 deadline)

From April 23 to April 27

There is prior application partly for Uraga community center course "circle experience fair 2018" [the date] from Monday, April 23 to Friday, April 27 (the April 12, 2018 deadline)

From May 10 to May 15

There is no ANA windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka meeting prior application