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Event information

May 5

Museum lesson "bring up, and check! There is beetle in prior application (all twice) (the April 21, 2018 deadline)

May 9

There is museum classroom "history of Miura Peninsula" (all nine times) prior application (the April 25, 2018 deadline)

May 27

There is "study bo entomology in prior application from the basics" (all four times, outdoor four times) museum classroom (the May 12, 2018 deadline)

June 16

Topics display with "photograph talking about Yokosuka of the Meiji era there is no ⁻ prior application of the 150th anniversary of document" ⁻ Meiji

June 24

"We will look at world ship navigating Uraga water supply", and there is Yokosuka ecotourism in prior application (the June 20, 2018 deadline)

June 24

There is no Tenjinshima guided tour prior application

From June 28 to June 29

There is no little child land kurihama prior application

June 29

There is outdoors learning "modernization inheritance tour 1" prior application (the June 15, 2018 deadline)

July 13

Via forest of small wickerwork, there is prior application to place of rear Miura end Arai Castle trace (the July 5, 2018 deadline)

July 14

"It rotates on day of fine weather", and there is outdoor learning in prior application (the June 30, 2018 deadline)

July 14

There are Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine prayer and Perry festival visit prior application for ground, chestnut beach of the Perry landing (the July 4, 2018 deadline)

From July 14 to July 15

There is no Yokosuka Sea cold carnival 2018 prior application

July 15

We take our ease by "Oppama festival" with "the remains of navy of Oppama", and there is already prior application (the July 6, 2018 deadline)

July 16

There is part of the 60th Aicle fair prior application

July 28

We do not experience, or there are milking and the making of butter in prior application in parent and child at dairy farming experience ~ Miura Peninsula only dairy farming ranch (the May 31, 2018 deadline)

July 31
August 2
August 7
August 9

There is child event Animal protection center work experience classroom prior application in summer vacation

August 1

[Kurihama Community Center] There is no Kurihama family movie society "SING/ thing" prior application

August 4

There is recruitment of river watching participants prior application in 2018 (the July 3, 2018 deadline)