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August 22
August 23

There is no nutrition support station prior application

August 25

There is no Oppama Community Center "evening ... of Oppama summer concert 2018 - summer Island" prior application

August 25

There are no hometown and - prior application of Aoyama, Yokosuka Hanzo of the topics display "break of day" of the 150th anniversary of late Tokugawa period, Meiji - Meiji

August 25
August 26

There is no healthy fair in Yokosuka prior application

August 25

There is no Yokosuka City west district enjoying the cool breeze fireworks display prior application

August 26

There is no Tenjinshima guided tour prior application

From August 29 to August 31

There is no the 55th Mikasa "model contest of ship" work offer prior application

September 1

There is no Yokosuka ecotourism "creature observation society of water of Maedagawa" prior application

September 1

No topics display "we see, already" prior application

September 8

There is no food education promotion campaign prior application