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May 27

There is Tenjinshima guided tour prior application (the May 27, 2018 deadline)

June 3

There is no prior application on energy up day of tooth and mouth

June 3

"Gentleness spread", and there is no contact Festival 2018 prior application

June 4

We take our ease by view of rich natural "Miura Miyama", and there is already prior application (the May 25, 2018 deadline)

June 7

There is modern water supply (the cosponsorship: Yokosuka City Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau) prior application from Japanese inheritance "Hemi Purification Plant" and naval port water supply (the May 31, 2018 deadline)

June 9

There is museum classroom "structure person (all twice, outdoor once) of botanical specimen" prior application (the May 26, 2018 deadline)

June 9

There is natural observation society "observation of firefly" prior application (the May 26, 2018 deadline)

June 11

Wild grass, flower circulation of early summer! There is prior application from Jimmuji to Takatori mountain (the June 4, 2018 deadline)

June 12

There is Nobi - Misakiguchi prior application for Misaki way 2 Uraga Magistrate's Office foundation 300 years (the June 5, 2018 deadline)

June 14

We are bodily sensation prior application by original scenery of Japan in Tanada of Sanae and public road of Koyasu (the June 7, 2018 deadline)