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Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade

Large number of Mikoshi portable shrine and Dashi float that Mikoshi portable shrine parades where tradition is fragrant gathered from each site in city are events of force perfect score to parade around Chuo Univ. Street for Yokosuka-chu� Station. Mikoshi portable shrine enters US Navy Yokosuka On-base across gate and parades in Clement Street of On-base. Energetic shout and musical accompaniment develop festival that they can see only in Yokosuka whom traditional event and American atmosphere matched of Japan echoing in On-base.

From October 20 to October 21

The thirteenth Kitakurihama autumn festival & Halloween Festival
There is prior application partly
(the September 28, 2018 deadline)

October 20

Of dog keep; one class
There is prior application

October 27

Topics display "study bo kommushigakunarikaten from the basics"

October 28

Yokosuka ecotourism "is made with acorn observation society and toy"
There is prior application
(the October 25, 2018 deadline)

October 28

Tenjinshima guided tour

October 28

2018Y, festival Oppama
There is prior application partly

October 28

Summer island visit society (half day) Y Festa Oppama support
There is prior application
(the October 19, 2018 deadline)

From November 3 to November 15

The 68th Yokosuka Chrysanthemum flower meeting

November 3

The 16th (2018) Kannonzaki festival