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March 10

Topics display "what was immersed in? -There is no earthenware vessels - prior application for mysterious form

March 17

There is no topics display "cherry tree, cherry tree, cherry tree" prior application

March 17

There is no museum lecture "Yokosuka historical novel 3 Festival" prior application

March 23

There is prior application in "summer Island" and "third kai*, Kaiyama green tract of land, Aicle" (the March 15, 2018 deadline)

March 25

There is no Tenjinshima guided tour prior application

March 25

There is no display commentary "nature hall museum talk" prior application

March 25

There is no Oppama Community Center "gathering of the 30th Oppama folk song dancing" prior application

March 28

You can cry, and there is no special episode ... prior application in concert in Kinugasa - spring vacation

March 30

There is prior application to visiting spring wild grass, flowers Hemi - Tsukayama Park - Anjinzuka (the March 23, 2018 deadline)

From March 31 to April 8

There is part of the 20th Kitakurihama cherry tree & ground pink Festival prior application (the March 16, 2018 deadline)