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September 21

There is no Makado mountains and seas forces graveyard cluster amaryllis Festival prior application

September 21

There is work business trip conference in Yokosuka prior application for Kanagawa childcare person, nursery school support center childcare

September 24

There is no display commentary "Tenjinshima guided tour" prior application

September 24

There is no animal Festival Yokosuka 2017 prior application

September 26

"There is no Taura contact movie meeting "love letter of 60 years old" in prior application Taura Community Center [September 26 holding, first-come-first-served basis on that day]

September 29

There is prior application to Hayama of Tanada while going round kosaruto from Kamakura way I Kinugasa (the September 21, 2017 deadline)

October 3

There is no conference prior application about will, the inheritance by notary public

October 3

We walk Mt. Ogusuyama and clear stream Maedagawa to bloom, and there is cosmos in prior application to kiyomegakuji (the September 25, 2017 deadline)

October 4

There is no free mediation conference prior application

October 5

There are 1 million cosmoses and prior application around remains of Yokosuka (the September 27, 2017 deadline)