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Update day: March 22, 2012

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When we get married

 When we get a divorce

  • Single-parent home
    It is information for support for single-parent home.
  • Children's allowance
    Person bringing up child until before junior high school completion is provided.
  • Child Rearing Allowance
    Protector bringing up in place of mother taking care of child (with less than 20 years old in child with obstacle that is higher than middle degree) whom there is to first March 31 after 18 years old arrival that does not share living with father by divorces of parents or mother is provided.
  • Legal advice (consultation counter for woman)
    Woman lawyer answers consultation.
    It is 16:30 (by appointment only) from 13:30 on every month second Tuesday
  • Legal advice
    About trouble, problem of legitimate thing, lawyer of Yokohama bar association Yokosuka Branch position gives an appropriate advice.
    Monday/Wednesday/Friday (by appointment only)