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1.Uraga dock


Whole view (aerial photography) of Uraga dock

(Uraga dock which we looked at from the sky)

On 1891 (Meiji 24) Saburosuke Nakajima 23 anniversary of death, manekikonhi was built in Mount Atago of the old ship guard station back, and Ikunosuke Arai (the navy prefect in Hakodate) who was comrade in the case of Hakodate war once at seat of the unveiling ceremony advocated "why don't you make shipyard in Uraga for Saburosuke Nakajima?" and Takeaki Enomoto agreed immediately, and Uraga dock was founded in pressure, 1896 (Meiji 29) about 40 years after Chinese phoenix circle building by local influential person.
When we think about achievements of Nakajima as for epitaph of manekikonhi, this will be because it thought that it is held a service for the first to pray for Nakajima to make shipyard.
The countryside capitalist and engineer were greatly concerned with Uraga dock founded in this way.
Current company name "SUMITOMO HEAVY INDUSTRIES Ltd." is merged in June, 1969 (Showa 44) and is after.

(dry dock in Uraga dock)

(crane of Uraga dock)

-Long river -
This river becomes culvert now and we enter factory site of SUMITOMO HEAVY INDUSTRIES at the Uraga elementary school area through the station square and flow into Gulf of Uraga.
The Japan's first dry dock was made using this river mouth in 1859 (Ansei 6) of the late Tokugawa period, and repair of **gan just before Pacific crossing was performed.
In addition, it was started construction by 1853 (Kaei 6) Perry visit to a shore as soon as big boat building ban of the Shogunate was solved, and Chinese phoenix circle (sailing boat) that was the Japan's first Western style warship launched in approximately seven months was constructed at similarly this river mouth.
As Kaishu Katsu called himself "difficult circle", about the Chinese phoenix-maru, evaluation became low.
However, in late years Kenji Ishii of history of ship researcher evaluates the historic significance with book as follows.
"Success of the Chinese phoenix-maru keeps hope of the modern navy construction in the Shogunate, and we establish Naval Institute, and aggressive policy of the navy construction has stolen by Nagasaki more in modern times such as the construction of ironworks (shipyard) and results in the special large naval shipyard start of construction called Yokosuka Arsenal finally.
Although building of the Chinese phoenix-maru was outdatedness, as a result, significance that became cause to the modern navy foundation is big."

(tunnel of water)

-Tunnel - of water

Small tunnel of red brick is seen in foot of a mountain of the depths between 0%-0%, house and parking lot on foot from Uraga Station to the left Kannonzaki area.
It is exit of raw water transmission well of about 1,000m in total length that was dug by reservoir which there was at current 2, Futaba because Uraga doc that this operates in 1900 (Meiji 33), and started secures water for industrial use. It is not used now.
Old Uraga dock maintained this raw water transmission well and Aramaki irrigation canal for securing of water for industrial use.
Only Aramaki irrigation canal has mention in design of factory made in 1900, and the completion is December, 1902 (Meiji 35), but there remains in drawing which record of raw water transmission well enters in the Showa era, and was made.
Because old Uraga dock develops original turbine, this raw water transmission well needs water for cooling in large quantities, and it is thought that, therefore, it was maintained.
As it is equipped with cargo-passenger boat constructed in 1931 (Showa 6) for the first time "newly in Kyoumaru", Uraga-type 3 reciprocating kiki and master of interlocking movement machine to connect developed for the first time in this factory with exhaust turbine will sail up development of turbine and maintenance of raw water transmission well more.
Coolant which became hot after use seemed to be used as hot water of bath for the staff in those days.



※We can observe Uraga dock only on days to open to the public such as events. (shooting is prohibited in)
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